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  • Anonymous asked : Top 5 Larry moments


    This is a really difficult question but i’ve tried narrowing it down

    5. This one because they’re so in love it hurts

    4. This one because time freezes when they look at each other

    3. This one because it’s so intimate it makes me scratch my eyes out

    2. This one because THEYRE WERE READY TO GET MARRIED (remember when Louis said he was too young to marry Eleanor lol)

    1. And finally this one because they didn’t even know each other but this was the start of history

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  • kgm42986:


    One that maintains a conversation record.





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    Been playing with this concept for a while.

    I love this. So much.

    this should be posted everywhere

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  • What I Like About You, Jimmy Kimmel Live | July 24

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  • irwinsecure:

    when you’re riding luke and he looks up at you like


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  • lashtonhuman:

    Have anyone ever notice that Luke was touching Ashton crotch

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  • clemmings + tweets

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  • Michael's friendship with Luke is like

    • Michael: Luke Hemmings is a piece of shit
    • Luke: lol okay
    • Someone else: Luke Hemmings is a piece of shit
    • Luke: lol o-
    • Michael: no
    • Michael: no
    • Michael: don't fucking talk to him like that
    • Michael: don't insult luke wtf
    • Michael: he's just a special kind hearted tree boy finding his way in life
    • Michael: fuck you
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  • lucasassy:

    boyfriend ashton purposefully wearing a flannel around his waist anytime you go somewhere that might be cold so when you shiver he can untie it and slide it on your shoulders and then cuddle you up to his side bYE

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